Testimonial - Jessie McDiarmid

Jessie McDiarmid (Murray Bridge) 2013

My name is Jessie McDiarmid and I was RANZSE exchange student in 2013. I had the time of my life and couldn’t recommend it more highly to other students!

This exchange program is honestly a life changing and knowledge filled experience. This exchange brings challenges, life long memories and friends and many experiences! I had many different experiences.

At the start of my stay I was placed with a family I didn’t know and for the first week, I was so homesick that I was not able to get out and do things. After I had got over the homesickness I was having a blast! I made many friends and was going to so many amazing places! Safari is when the Rotary take you and the other students in your district away for a week and you go on one if the best weeks in your life! This was honestly the best thing, you become a family and do the most amazing things, including conquering your fears, exploring the world, and so many fun activities!

Having a new cultural experience with a new family, school and town! Now I have been back home and I have seen a huge change, I am so much more confident, independent, responsible and I am more myself!

I recommend this program to any student who is interested in new things, travelling, meeting people, finding out more about the world or even just wanting to be more independent.