Posted on Mar 11, 2019
New Zealand exchange students prepare to meet their match.
Six bright eyed 15-year-olds. are preparing to welcome their six Australian matches to New Zealand
From left to right Charlotte D'Ath, Kirstin Osborne, Chris Bailey, Samantha White, Adam Buth and Ruby Deare pose in their new uniforms.
Students, Parents and Mentors met at Rotary House, Taupo for the Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE)  Orientation Day.
37-page handbooks, mentoring information and all sorts of valuable advice were discussed followed by coffee and brownies.
The six students will join the International Youth Exchange students in the Parade Of Flags to open the 9930 District Conference on Saturday, March 16th at 8.30am.
Their Australian matches, Ruby Allison, Grace Dunbar, Courtney Tott, Chelsee Wood, Will Kroehn and Abigail Martin arrive in New Zealand on April 6th.
The exchange covers two school terms whereby the Australian Students travels to New Zealand for one term and their Australian match will host in the second term. During the term of exchange in New Zealand, you will get to enjoy these young students and introduce them to their school, club and home and teach them about New Zealand.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to be away from home and be "independent" in a supervised environment.
They will learn:
  • To be part and considerate of another family
  • Attend another school in another country
  • Experience personal development and growth
  • Extend their confidence and maturity.
  • Learn to budget and taking responsibility
  • How their Academic progress can be continued.
RANZSE differs from most youth exchange in that the student stays with the matched family in the other country with the support of the RANZSE committee and local Rotary club in each country. It is for a shorter time away from home, the student participants are younger, and they reciprocate the hosting experience with their match family.
The sponsoring Rotary Clubs in New Zealand and Australia each provide a Councillor for both the outbound and inbound student and also supply a Student Exchange uniform for the outbound students.
If you wish any further information or have any questions about the Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange, please feel free to contact me.
Expression of interest forms for the 2020 year must get back to me by June 30th 2019
Max Patmoy
District 9930 RANZSE Chair 2015-19
Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange
p:   06 836 5555
m:  027 279 3760
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