Hi Julie and Max sorry for the late report (i am probably not the worst)
It has been great so far.
No real problems have arisen and I have settled well into the family.
The past month has been a lot of fun for me.
(Published with Charles's permission).
I have done many activities, including: hiking, going to the gym, being a tourist in Sydney for a day to see the aquarium, being a tourist in New castle enjoying Grilled (A restaurant that specializes in burgers) also I started school last week.
I've joined the church touch team and we had our first game several days ago. I've also joined the school soccer (football) team, we had our first game last week and we won it 4/1.
I'm loving being back at a small school. I've found the school work easy so far especially the maths, I'm hoping it gets harder again so I can be challenged.
Friends are numerous and easy to come by at this school.
I've made very little almost no contact with home. I think I have left them clueless about what I have been up to and what I will be doing.
I have attended one Rotary meeting and I think it went really well. The speech I gave wasn't really planned and it was pretty much planned on the spot apart from a few pictures.
I was hoping to avoid being sick while I was here but I got unlucky, sadly I have caught a common cold. Not to leave this on a sad note (not really) I'm going horse riding this Sunday, something I haven't done in a long time, I hope it goes well.
~Charles Annals