Hello New Zealand,
The last month and especially the last week has been great.
The New Zealand students safari was amazing, I loved every bit of it. I can't thank the leaders we had enough. While on the safari we did many things including surfing, jet boating, walking around the aquarium, zoo, and museums, going on tours, hiking, sightseeing, and going to vivid.
One of my favorite parts about the safari was meeting new people from New Zealand and exploring the aquarium. We did not get much sleep at the safari as we were always up socialising or being a bit crazy. All in all the safari was definitely one of my favorite parts of the exchange.
Aside from the safari, I have spent most of this month at school. School is great, it has been nice to see the Australian education system and meet Australian people. Schooling over here seems easy, that may just be me or the school though. They do however seem to give out more homework, which of course I do not enjoy. 
I can't really remember what we have done over the last month, everything seems to have merged together. I probably should have written down what we did. 
The family I am staying with is great. Routines are set but they can be changed if the need arises and I have a fair amount of freedom. No problems have arisen with my host family, and no problems with my match or me either. The matching process must have been very thorough because Tom and I get on fairly well even if we do not talk as much as other people.
I can't believe how close to the end of the Australian part of the exchange we are, I mean there is only three weeks till all of the exchange students fly back to NZ. I don't really want this to end but I do miss my parents, friends, and family, not as much as I thought I would though. 
See you in less than a month NZ.
~ Charles 
P.S. Exchange applications for 2018 are still open until the end of June. Click here for details: www.portal.clubrunner.ca/101379/Page/about-us