Our Rotary Australian - New Zealand Student Exchange participants fly off to Australia from Auckland on April 1st.

This is the 50th year of the Rotary Australia & New Zealand Student Exchange
Rotary is perhaps the most respected and safest student exchange throughout the world.
Rotary Australia & New Zealand Student Exchange is sometimes called the "matched twin exchange"
Pictured are Charles Annals (Hamilton East Club); Joshua Goodall (Morrinsville Club); and Hamish Hawthorne (Rotorua Sunrise Club). 
All of the questions have been answered, the rules repeated and the clothing handed out. 
Now our three boys are off to experience Australia for three months.
See you when you return with your twins. Oh, how very exciting!!!!
You must forward your monthly reports starting April 7th, no later.
Remember you represent your parents, Rotary and New Zealand.
Oooo  Roo Cobbers