Thomas Samuel Chaffey (Tom) lives in Gunnedah, N.S.W. Australia with his older sisters Molly (19), Lucy (17) and brother Jack (20). His Dad is self-employed owning several companies, one being international. Toms mum enjoys working on their cattle farm doing jobs and talking to To.
Tom (right) is 15 and likes speeches, plays the piano and hopes to open his own business as an automotive engineer. He loves rugby union and does 4-hour fitness training.
Charles Mathew Bruce Annals (Charles) lives in Hamilton, New Zealand and is the only child. His father Fraser is a farmer and his mother Linda is an accountant.
Charles (left) is 14 plays keyboard, piano, harmonica, recorder and ukulele. Tom is on the environmental committee and script writes. He is the sports school camp captain, Waikato national athletics team vice-captain and plays heaps of sport including swimming, triathlons, biking and football.