I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Goodall last Thursday with Harry and one of his host family (Harry’s dad). 
The meeting I believed was exceptionally well received. 
Joshua has made himself very comfortable at his new school of Holy Trinity, in his words too well! 
Though he did say it is quite different with the religion component. 
He has got a good peer support group at school and been in different years to Harry (his matched twin) also seems to open up his horizons in meeting other students to which they both feel has been advantageous.
On the home front, he said everything is going well, and he has adapted to the difference in family routines, which took a little to getting used too,  but has also enjoyed the experience of it.
Julie Clendinning who is on the district committee (as well as my offsider for the Youth portfolio in our club) has meet Joshua a number of times before and she has indicated to me that Joshua has transitioned into this exchange as good as expected.  I stated to both Josh and Harry the first person who goes overseas has the hardest and probably the most nervous meeting (From my experience of my two children doing the exchange).
The boys will be joining us on Tuesday night at Rotary and I am looking forward to finding out more about the two exchange students we have currently in the club.
Joshua has my number as well as Julie’s if he needs to talk and he knows where to find us at Inverell High School.
I will inform you and his parents if I foresee a problem or issue, however from my interacts Joshua seems to have fitted in well and is enjoying the experience remembering the first 2 to 3 weeks is the always the hardest for any child.
Wayne Fowke